Civil and Corporate law
Due Diligence

The correct setup of corporate relations and of regulation of the commercial context are strategic aspects aimed at ensuring stress-free action and development together with a robust presence on the market for companies that operate with international partners.
Our Law Firm guarantees the ability to operate within different international law systems and study the impact of business choices.
We also represent a valid point of reference as a team-leader in international M&A, as we are able to setup and coordinate multi-disciplinary working groups.

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  • Our client: a leading Korean company in the automotive sector.
    Task: Legal assistance in relation to the due diligence of the Italian target company, with headquarters in Italy and branches in Poland, France, Brazil and the US.
    Establishing and coordinating a focus group aimed at providing a perfectly integrated solution, considering all areas of the company’s business (including matters of Environmental and Labour Laws and Regulations).
  • Our client: an Italian company operating in the interior design sector.
    Task: Legal aid and assistance in a dispute with an Irish partner, a share-holder in corporate joint venture; thorough analysis of all aspects of the applicable Commercial and Corporate Law.
  • Our client: an Italian corporation, manufacturer of luxury jewellery and accessories.
    Task: Legal aid and assistance in matters of Corporate and Commercial Law in a dispute with an Indian partner in a joint venture regarding the control shares and the investments owed by the Indian partner; thorough analysis of the restrictions regarding the return of the royalties in Italy.
  • Our client: an Italian limited liability company, designer, developer and manufacturer of electronic technology.
    Task: Legal consultancy and assistance in the preliminary negotiation aimed at defining a contractual joint venture agreement with a Chinese business partner in order to develop innovative technology to be applied in the furnishing sector.
  • Our client: a corporation operating in the ceramics sector.
    Task: Legal aid and assistance in company acquisition during a procedure of composition with creditors, with transfer of assets, term sheets, negotiations, due diligence; legal consultancy in drafting the agreements; legal assistance in organising and regulating the business relationships with the network of agents and distributors in Italy and worldwide (France, Germany, Russia and Brazil, etc.).
  • Our client: an Italian limited liability company, manufacturer of sports equipment and elegant sportswear, using high quality technical performance materials.
    Task: Legal consultancy and assistance in analysing and setting up a NewCo in the USA; strategic planning of the distribution network in North America (the USA and Canada) by drafting all the ancillary contracts, such as commercial agency contracts and management agreements for the commercial coordinator. Regulation of the logistics and storage services by drafting contracts and agreements with local companies.
  • Our client: a renowned Italian limited liability company operating in the luxury interior design sector.
    Task: Legal consultancy and assistance in creating a newco in the USA, as an operative tool for future business initiatives; thorough analysis and revision of the lease of showrooms, strategic definition and drafting of bank warranties, regulation of the business relationships with the sale and distribution networks in North America (agents and representatives); drafting of all the necessary contracts and agreements.