Our history is linked to the innovative and visionary side of the ‘Made in Italy’ industry

Founded in 2006 in Treviso by Lucia Bressan, the Law Firm now ranks among the best law firms in Italy in terms of competence and range of action in dealing with complex matters such as Digital Law, TechLaw, e-commerce and ICT, privacy and personal data protection, as well as the specific skills relating to Corporate and Commercial International Law, joint ventures, cross-border transactions and matters of intellectual property.

Thanks to its long-standing expertise in business operations, the Bressan Law Firm offers its legal and strategic support to Italian and foreign companies, firms, business networks and start-ups intending to expand their business activities through commercial relations(subsidiaries, representative offices, permanent establishments, distribution agreements, licensing, joint ventures, partnerships, etc.) and international transactions (mergers, acquisitions, etc.), including the use of modern IT and telematic means such as digital markets (international e-commerce, e-marketplace, etc.).

The Law Firm assists its clients before national and international law courts, as well as arbitration courts, finding the best strategy to safeguard the interests of the company or by recommending the most appropriate transactional solutions.

Our team and network

The business of the Law Firm mainly revolves around the founding figure, Lucia Bressan, who handles all dossiers personally with great care and attention, establishing a highly-focused and personalised relationship with all clients.
Young and determined lawyers, who constantly keep up with the latest developments, collaborate with the founder in flexible working groups based on the specific requirements of the client or the nature of the project.
We also work as a team leader in international and multi-disciplinary working groups.
Our working languages are Italian, English and French.

Our development projects

In 2009 we established our Paris base, a local point of reference and a privileged platform with regard to Africa.
Thanks to our ability to create working groups by also engaging other qualified business professionals and through our well-developed network of national and international relations and our collaboration with correspondents, we have structured various operations in the EU, USA, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Tanzania, South Korea, India, China and Japan, providing sensitive legal assistance to our clients in these geographical areas.
In 2017, in Cairo, we started working closely with local institutions in order to obtain greater business representation in the emerging markets of the Middle East and Africa.

Our commitment to the community

Our passion for our profession drives us to give concrete content to its ‘social function’. To this end, we supported a series of projects for the community, by putting our specific professional skills at its service.
Since 2011 the Law Firm has offered students from five separate high schools in Treviso and various universities the opportunity to embark on extra-curricular internships; we take an active part in university and professional orientation events so as to illustrate and highlight the evolution of the ‘legal professions’ and the ‘lawyer of the future’ (i.e. the international and digital lawyer).
We have supported the establishing of the ‘Mummy and Daddy’ non-profit organisation which we assist in its activities and matters of compliance.
We have supported Assosport (the Italian Sporting Goods Industry Association) in defining their guidelines and privacy compliance measures for the ‘Dote in Movimento’ project, aimed at raising the awareness of the importance of sport for the development and education of children aged 6 to 12.