International protection of industrial and intellectual property rights

Brands – Domain names – Patents – Know-how – Models and designs – Unfair competition – Copyright

The driving force of our national entrepreneurial system is the ‘Made in Italy’ brand, not only in the manufacturing sector, but also in the digital one. Our Law Firm assists numerous companies operating on foreign markets in order to protect their creativity and defend them from unfair competition, both nationally and internationally.

In this light, the protection of trademarks, patents and know-how is becoming increasingly important nowadays due to the range of products, services and contents available online.

The renowned expertise we have acquired in this field represents a solid foundation for the development of more and more innovative answers to the protection of the ‘Made in Italy’ brand, in its numerous facets, in order to consolidate Italian success on international markets.

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  • Our client: an Italian general partnership in the television, media and broadcasting sector.
    Task: Legal aid and assistance in a dispute regarding alleged trademark infringement and copyright violation of the TV format during a commercial operation in Morocco.
  • Our client: an Italian corporation, a leading manufacturer and retailer of outdoor sportswear.
    Task: Legal assistance in the analysis and strategic planning of the registration and protection of industrial property assets (trademarks and dominion names) on the Chinese, Korean and Japanese markets.
  • Our client: an Italian limited liability company, a renowned manufacturer of fashion & luxury glasses.
    Task: Legal aid in the defence of industrial property rights threatened by a competitor based in New York (USA); legal assistance in relation to alleged trademark violation; legal consultancy in drafting a co-existence agreement.
  • Our client: an Italian company operating in the cosmetics and perfume industry.
    Task: Legal aid and assistance in dispute with a distributor from the Czech Republic on matters of trademark violation, intellectual property rights and unfair competition.
  • Our client: an International academic research centre.
    Task: Legal consultancy and assistance in relation to an e-learning project in collaboration with partner universities from all over the world (South America, Asia and Africa), in respect of the National and International Laws and Regulations; drafting the necessary contracts and agreements with regard to the transfer of image economic exploitation rights, copyright and royalties.
  • Our client: a renowned Italian company, a market leader in sports footwear manufacturing and distribution.
    Task: Legal consultancy and assistance aimed at defining and regulating a licensing system for the brand; royalty rate assessment.
  • Our client: a renowned Italian company, a market leader in winter sports footwear manufacturing.
    Task: Legal consultancy and assistance in drafting an international agreement for patent licensing, to protect intellectual property rights from a German competitor.
  • Our client: an Italian company, manufacturer and retailer of design accessories.
    Task: Legal aid and assistance in a dispute on matters of alleged trademark violation with a German company, a global market leader in the plastics industry; opposition and settlement of the dispute after the analysis and proof of the ‘vulgarization of the trademark’ following its association it with the brand of the materials used.
  • Our client: a renowned Italian winery.
    Task: Legal assistance in regulating and protecting the know-how and the confidential information throughout the launch of a new product on the international market; drafting of the related contracts and agreements.
  • Our client: an Italian limited liability company, a leader in the human resources sector.
    Task: Legal aid and assistance in relation to the protection and registration of the business format and know-how; contract and internal policy drafting, aimed at guaranteeing compliance with Art. nos. 98 and 99 of the Italian Industrial Property Code (D. Lgs. no.30/2005).
  • Our client: a leading Italian limited liability company operating in the Entertainment industry.
    Task: Legal aid and assistance in relation to intellectual property rights, namely the infringement of industrial design and unfair competition from a Turkish retailer.