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  • ‘Privacy Law and the GDPR’. Interview for the TV programme Buongiorno Regione – RAI 3, Venice, 12th June 2018;
  • ‘Venetian Products and Counterfeit Products: how to defend authenticity’. Interview for TV Programme on Antenna 3 Nord Est, Treviso, 20th September 2017;
  • ‘E-commerce and the Internet: risks and opportunities in the Food & Beverage market’. Interview for TV programme on Antenna 3 Nord Est, Treviso 27th April 2016;
  • ‘Start Up & Business Networks’. URBAN DEM (The Centre for the study of Urban Politics), Roncade, 11th June 2015;
  • Start Up & EU Funds 2014-2020’. URBAN DEM (The Centre for the study of Urban Politics), Villorba, 22nd March 2015;
  • ‘Work and Family Life: conciliating family/work balance and corporate welfare’. ACTION AID and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Treviso 20th November 2014;
  • ‘Counterfeit Products, Field Studies: protecting the patents guarantees, credit and funds’. Interview for the ‘Italia Oggi (Sette)’ newspaper, 4th August 2014;
  • Accountants at Export School’  ‘Padova Oggi’ newspaper, 30th June 2014;
  • ‘Accountants and International Payments’. ‘Il Gazzettino’ newspaper, 29th June 2014;
  • Accountants at Export School’. ‘Padova News’, 27th June 2014;
  • ‘North East Buyers at Contract School’. ‘Padova News (Tax & Legal)’, 10th May 2014;
  • North East Buyers at Contract School’. ‘Veneto News’, 10th May 2014;
  • 11 Women Lawyers Members of the Register of  Board Members’.  ‘Diritto24’, 24th April 2014;
  • 11 Women Lawyers Members of the Register of  Board Members’. ‘Padova News (Tax & Legal)’, 23rd April 2014;
  • ‘11 Women Lawyers Members of the Register of  Board Members’. ‘Veneto News (tax & Legal)’, 23rd April 2014;
  • ‘Privacy, Copyright and Creative Commons’.  ‘CNA Treviso’, 2nd December 2013;
  • ‘Meetings for the Secure Use of the Internet’. ‘La Tribuna di Treviso’ newspaper, 1st December 2013;
  • ‘Be Careful on the Web’. ‘Oggi Treviso’, 26th November 2013;
  • ‘Italians, a Nation of Pirates and Singers’. The outcome of a study commissioned by Spotify shows that in 2012 80% of the Italians illegally downloaded files from the internet in violation of Copyright. Lucia Bressan agrees that a revision of the discipline regarding copyright is necessary. ‘Invice (Investment & Advice)’, 7th August 2013;
  • Lawyers, Workaholic by Choice’. According to research conducted by Robert Walters on 1,400 English professionals, lawyers are those who work harder and are most ‘devoted’ to their employers. Lucia Bressan’s point of view for the newspaper ‘Italia Oggi (Sette)’, 15th July 2013;
  • Network Contracts (Contratti di rete) in Continuous Growth’. According to a recent study, in 2011 the companies involved in network contracts recorded an increase in turnover of 10.1% against 4.6% of those not on the network. The insights of experts including Lucia Bressan for the newspaper ‘Italia Oggi (Sette)’, 1st July 2013;
  • Online Privacy Alarms the EU and Requires Experts and Protection’. The European Data Protection Supervisors have recently asked Google Inc. to adopt a series of modifications necessary in order to conform with the Privacy Law on data processing. The insights of experts, including Lucia Bressan, who explain how to find a balance between the new opportunities offered by technology and the protection of the individuals. ‘Italia Oggi (Sette)’ newspaper, 10th June 2013;
  • Today’s Lawyer: Lucia Bressan, founder of the Bressan Law Firm’. ‘Diritto24’, 29th April 2013;
  • ‘Top Legal Triveneto Research’. The Bressan Law Firm is mentioned for litigation, internationalization and intellectual property. Lucia Bressan is named among the 2nd tier professionals for litigation, April 2013;

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